Eggspresso – An espresso within an Easter Egg. Yes, you read correctly!

It would appear that more and more coffee creations are being exposed around the world and we’re not complaining about it! Especially with this new trend coming on to the scene – solid chocolate AND coffee, a perfect combination in our eyes and just in time for the Easter celebrations.

Known as the Eggspresso, it has grabbed the attention of chocolate and coffee fans alike down in sunny Australia and New Zealand. With the craze gaining more attention over the globe it’s now making it’s way over to the UK.


It may not be available at your nearest café however it’s simple and easy to make at home. Simply crack the top of your favourite hollow chocolate egg, place it into your best cup and pour an espresso serving of your best coffee (we recommend Miko Coffee) into the egg and watch the magic form.

A perfect way to kick start Easter!

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