The latest coffee trends on the high street for 2019

It’s official: the UK loves coffee. The British coffee market is estimated to be worth in the region of £10 billion, with 95 million cups of coffee consumed, both at home and increasingly on the highstreet, each and every day.

While it might be true that us Britons can’t get enough of a cup of joe, it’s worth bearing in mind that consumer preferences change and high street trends move on at an almost-lightning-pace. So what’s driving purchases in our high street coffee houses at the moment? Consumer studies point to three key trends during 2019:

Coffee with added vegetables/spices

While the health benefits of a standard cup of coffee are already widely known (think decreased risk of heart disease, a lowered risk of type 2 diabetes, a reduction in depression and an increase in fibre intake), there are even more ways to improve upon this, as many popular coffee houses have demonstrated in recent years.

One of the latest trends in coffee is the addition of vegetables and spices which not only improve the taste and texture of the drink, but also provide additional nutrients to improve the well-being off the drinker, too.

Take the beetroot latte, for example. Not only does it look attractive (the natural colouration of the beetroot gives the drink a vibrant purple hue), it’s also packed with antioxidants – and is currently proving popular with those who are feeling a little under the weather, as well as those who want to recover from a particularly gruelling gym session.

Spices such as turmeric are also on-trend among coffee lovers at the moment. This yellow spice is earthy and tastes not too dissimilar to other established coffee additions like ginger, cinnamon or even orange peel. As a mild spice, it works well with the flavour profile of most coffee beans, and also functions as a potent natural anti-inflammatory.

Single-origin coffee

Environmentally-conscious consumers are driving the popularity of single-origin coffee. Single-origin coffee refers to beans grown within a specific origin, usually from a single farm. It’s generally more sustainable and ethical, and arguably creates a better cup of coffee in comparison to blends. While it might cost slightly more, consumers are willing to pay the price for fairer trade.

Nitro coffee

With meteorologists predicting another hot summer, nitro coffee looks set to prove popular in the
forthcoming months. Nitro coffee is cold-brewed, before being placed into a keg and infused with nitrogen gas. It’s served from a pump (just like a cold beer) and comes complete with carbonation and a beer-style head. Sounds good on a sweltering day, right?For more information on the latest coffee trends, and to ensure your coffee house is stocked up to meet the demands of consumers this summer, why not get in touch to find out how Miko Coffee can provide you with the beans and machines needed to bring your business kicking and screaming into 2019?

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