Make a latte at home

Latte at Home

Whilst we’re all staying at home to stay safe during COVID-19, we know there will be lots of things you’re missing from family and friends, to work, a good restaurant or day out to that liquid gold in your local coffee shop!
So if you’re missing your lattes, we’ve got a quick and easy recipe to try at home so you can get your “fix” and with no coffee machines necessary, just a kettle and a french press it’s bound to be a winner!

3/4 of a cup of espresso or strong coffee, we’d recommend on of ours but what ever you have at home is fine!
2 Cups of milk or milk alternative.

1. Place milk in microwave and heat for around 60-90 seconds. You would want the milk hot, but not boiling.
2. In the mean time brew your coffee and add to two cups.
3. Once the milk is ready add to your french press and push the plunger up and down quickly, adding air into the milk which will create your froth!
4. Evenly divide the frothed milk between the two coffees and you’re ready to go!

Tried the recipe or have one of your own let us know how it turned out, you can email us at!

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