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Not just coffee
Being a barista is a fantastic job which gives individuals a chance to use their creativity, talent and enthusiasm to deliver premium beverages to their customers. The right tools and accessories allow baristas to offer a far greater range of choices, as well as deliver exceptional coffee that is beautifully presented. Because great coffee is as much about the presentation and delivery as well as the flavour, making sure every barista is well-equipped is important. There are plenty of options to make life easier on the business side of the counter, as well as provide customers with the sensational coffee experience they deserve.

Durable, professional barista equipment

From jugs, tampers and scales through to spatulas, whisks and even an espresso shot glass, we can supply all the utensils and tools needed to create great coffee. Designed for use in a professional hospitality environment, the equipment is made from durable components which are designed to be hygienic and easy to keep clean. Stainless steel and glass are the preferred materials, resulting in high-quality items that can cope with the challenges presented by heavy use in a demanding environment. Every day is a school day when it comes to being a barista! Our carefully chosen selection of “how-to” books are just the thing to keep skills up-to-date.

Coffee brewing accessories for great results

The right coffee jug, coffee grinder or filter paper can make a real difference to the end result when it comes to perfect coffee making. We stock high-grade coffee brewing supplies made by leading names in the industry. As well as quick-clean jugs and methods for disposing of coffee ground waste, we also have products which provide a complete cleaning solution for the barista workspace. These are designed to make cleaning as fast and effective as possible: whether you’re completing on-the-spot cleaning during opening hours, or undertaking a deep-down clean at the end of the day, these cleaning supplies ensures the job gets done properly.

Stencils and shakers for beautiful coffee

Just the thing for putting the final touches to a steaming latte or carefully brewed cappuccino, our selection of stencils and shakers provide a great opportunity to adorn coffee with decorations that are specifically chosen with the season in mind. From fun festive imagery through to spooky Halloween pumpkins and witches, our range is designed to make the most of sales associated with a particular event on the calendar.

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