Choosing the right equipment for your business

For the catering industry, Miko Coffee products are the sensible choice. You’re not just buying catering equipment, but also our attentive customer service including aftersales support, technical support, and even our help with your marketing.

Choosing the right equipment is only the first step in the process, but is crucial for business success.

– First steps Imagine a day in the life of your catering business, to start choosing the right equipment. * How many hot drinks will you be serving each day? Different commercial machines, and different pieces of equipment, will make beverages at different rates. A small machine may be suitable if you expect to serve less than 50 hot drinks an hour, whilst a larger commercial coffee machine can cope with higher demand. * How many different options do you want to provide? How many different settings will your machine need to include? Can it pour espresso drinks, flat whites, black coffees, white coffees and lattes on demand? Automating the process, as much as possible, saves time and increases consistency. Regular customers like to know what to expect when they order a coffee from your menu. They want barista-style coffee, but with the reliability of flavour. * What type of coffee are you serving? Freshly roasted coffee beans can be turned into the smoothest and richest of coffees. Bean to cup machines will automate the process. It’s as simple, for you, as loading the beans and awaiting the perfect coffee. A one-step system, driven by precision, turns any catering establishment into a barista-style coffee shop. You might, instead, like a filter coffee machine that produces a flavourful drip coffee. In these machines, hot water finds its way through ground coffee beans, filtered to remove the coffee solids. Then, coffee can be served in a jug for customers to pour to their liking. Invest in a separate coffee grinder, to produce the perfect coffee grounds every time for a beverage that’s recognisably yours.

Buying a coffee machine for catering

Whether you are operating a busy coffee shop, quiet village tearoom or a hotel restaurant, we will take care of your catering business. For dining establishments and the hospitality industry, the products in our catalogue offer unrivalled performance. Benefit from technical support to keep things running smoothly, and a customer service team that’s never more than a phone call away. We can also provide professional barista training so that your in-store staff will truly understand how to maximise their machine’s capabilities.

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