Provide on-site coffee that rivals the chains

With more and more university students, teachers and lecturers turning to outside chains to source their coffee, it’s no surprise that coffee in education has a reputation for being low-quality, low-cost and generally not quite up to scratch. But turning that perception around is easier than you might think. Investing in great-quality coffee and equipment from Miko Coffee is an excellent way to provide everyone in education with coffee they love, and to keep that extra cash in-house when it comes to on-campus cafeterias and coffee shops. Now that’s win-win.

With many campuses providing a wide range of services to students, both in college and university, it just makes sense to provide excellent coffee to bring in that little added income. Keep your students on-site and keep them coming back for more with coffee that is far superior to anything they could pick up off-campus. If coffee is an essential part of the student diet, then taking advantage of that fact is an excellent way to increase sales and improve the use of your on-site canteen or cafeteria. Introducing more choice in your coffee can only do good things, and is more than worth that initial investment for high-quality coffee machinery and equipment.

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