Better coffee, still a great price point

For many in the healthcare sector, the most affordable coffee possible is the top choice. But while this can cut costs, less palatable coffee shouldn’t be what your patients remember you for. Instead, invest in higher-quality, delicious coffee that’s sure to hit the right spot – and everyone will thank you for the choice. Great coffee doesn’t have to cost the earth, which is why at Miko Coffee we provide coffee and equipment specifically designed for your needs.

Whether thousands of people access your coffee facilities every day in your hospital, or your private surgery only required something with medium daily use, we’ve got the coffee solution that’s the right fit for you. We stock only the best to provide you with the best. We’ve delivered many healthcare facilities the correct coffee system to ensure a low-maintenance, high-reward approach to drinks. From that midnight espresso to see you through your 18-hour shift, to that midday cappuccino to make your day a little brighter, coffee is a very personal thing. Your choice of blend and equipment is just as personal, which is why we offer a variety of different options to suit you perfectly.

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