Hot chocolate

More than coffee

Silky smooth and sumptuous, the perfect hot chocolate is a creation to be savoured.

We supply not just coffee, but all that you need to bring liquid chocolate luxury to the lips of your customers.

Hot chocolate bases

A favourite in the catering industry, Jubilee Liquid Hot Chocolate is made from the finest liquid chocolate concentrate. It creates a rich and consistent hot chocolate, each and every time. We also stock luxury barista-style chocolate powders, for the true hot beverage artist.

Syrups and flavourings

Customise every cup of hot chocolate, with a wide range of wonderful syrups and flavourings. Create hot chocolate with a fruity twist, or add deliciously creamy butterscotch or smooth vanilla. Improve your menu by providing customers with more choice, or provide syrups in the office to add variety to workday refreshments.

Caramel, white and dark chocolate sauces

Top the perfect hot chocolate with cream, and add a beautifully rich drizzle sauce to complete the look and taste. Select your favourite from white chocolate, dark chocolate and caramel.


The Miko Coffee Catalogue includes mini marshmallows. Add these to the top of any hot chocolate creation, as the perfect luxury decoration. Alternatively, stir the mini marshmallows straight into the drink, to add a delicious sweetness to any mug or cup of hot chocolate.

Single sachet hot chocolate

For hotel rooms, B&Bs and other guest properties, supply single sachet hot chocolates so that your guests can make their own hot drink with their in-room kettle. Single sachet hot chocolate products make one delicious drink, quick and convenient, and can be enjoyed on the go with a flask of hot water on the train.

Hot chocolate machine

For perfectly mixed and consistent hot chocolates in a commercial setting, select a high-quality hot chocolate machine. The Bravilor Bolero, with its stainless steel finish, does all of the hard work for you. Find this commercial hot chocolate machine in the Miko Coffee Catalogue, and receive your product with the reassuring Miko after-sales service. An easy-to-clean hot chocolate machine takes the guesswork out of the perfect chocolate drink. Simply add your liquid hot chocolate base, and allow the machine to mix and dispense with incredible reliability. Once the hot chocolate has been dispensed, you can serve it immediately. Or, enhance and improve with a wide range of additional toppings, flavourings and sauces, to create a luxury hot chocolate that’s picture-perfect and utterly delicious.