Our Coffees


Fairtrade & Organic

Saving the rainforest, one cup at a time

Our Puro fairtrade coffee isn’t just a brand of coffee, it’s an institution, one that prides itself on helping the world to breathe a little easier. Certified by the Fairtrade Foundation, Puro is committed to purchasing all of its beans from Fairtrade co-operatives, ensuring all coffee farmers not only receive a fair price for their harvest but a social premium which can be invested in their local community for housing, education welfare and other social-economic projects, to make a real difference in some of the poorest countries.

Rainforests are born again with Puro’s helping hand. Working alongside the World Land Trust, Puro uses profits generated from the sale of each bag of coffee to buy and protect areas of rainforest in South America. Restoring habitats, reintroducing lost species and reinvigorating the land, where coffee is grown under the shade of native trees, has become a love for Puro. One that easily matches its love for fine coffee.

Available in both Fairtrade and Fairtrade Organic blends, and a variety of distinctive flavours, Puro is a treat for the taste buds and the ‘ethical choice’ of coffee. Each bean carries a message, a story. Puro believes that today’s consumers care more about what they drink, that when they hear those stories, they will choose Puro – not just for the unrivalled taste, but to help make sure those stories continue.

Locally Roasted

Freshly hand roasted coffee near you

Our local coffee roasters in Cornwall, Exeter and Scotland invest time and effort sourcing the best speciality coffees from around the globe, harvesting the beans in season and preserving the quality when they roast. The beans are drum roasted by hand in small batches so that the flavour fully develops slowly in a traditional style. Every stage of the roasting process is managed meticulously so that the true flavour and personality of the coffee is unlocked for your enjoyment. Development teams work hard behind the scenes, trying different taste profiles, experimenting with new blends and roasting methods and checking the results on the cupping table until they are 100% happy with the finished result. Finely tuned senses – sight, smell, sound and touch are essential for hand roasting and for most it’s a lifelong journey of constantly developing their skills and craft, and of course, their passion for exceptional coffee. Our hand roasted coffees celebrate not only the origins of the beans harvest but the local influences of our roasting sites. On offer we have Freehand, Hand Roasted in Cornwall, Hand Roasted in Scotland and Hand Roasted in the West Country, four delicious blends with a consistent flavour delivering a rich and tasty brew in every cup.

Traditionally Italian

Coffee created by the Italians.

While the cultivation of coffee is thought to have originated in Ethiopia, like so many traditions, the Italians have managed to adopt and perfect it and boy, do they love their coffee!

Drinking espresso or coffee in general is practically a ritual in Italy and there are very specific rules which should be followed. You might see locals standing at a bar drinking two or three quick shots of espresso before rushing off to their next engagement. Those who sit at tables and savour their beverages as we do are taken for tourists. It is also unheard of to order coffee with milk after breakfast and to ask for a cappuccino any time after mid-morning may earn you some odd looks.

Our range of coffees would just not be complete without an Italian blend…or two! We therefore bring you two enticing delicious Italian blends, one directly from Milan by the Portioli family. Rich with flavour and the dedication of a family-run business who know how to create the beauty passion of Italy in a coffee. Our second is our own Italian Inspired Grand Milano, created using the finest beans, precision roasted for a sweet, rich and rounded coffee in the classic Milano style, to be enjoyed as a rich espresso, or a lush indulgence with milk- you’ll be spoilt for choice.