From the lush green fields of New Zealand to real fruit Purees and concentrates- shots of real fruit, from real ingredients as mother nature intended.

In an artificial world, REAL is what separates SHOTT from the rest, so why not come on a journey with us, from Coffee to cocktails!




Rich, nutty and delicious. Add to your coffee for a decadent taste. Perfect for cocktails, cooking and desserts. Product Code:


The sweet, aromatic characteristics of SHOTT vanilla is enhanced by the soothing undertones of warm oak. Relax with a cup of your favourite drink added with a flavour that will take you to your happy place. Product Code:


With rich brown sugar and butter flavours, SHOTT Butterscotch is something to look forward to! Treat yourself and add to coffee, milkshakes or as a dessert topping. Product Code:

White hot chocolate

Who can resist the swirling taste of ivory coloured chocolate? Rich and silky, our White Chocolate syrup will add distinctive sweetness and depth to just about anything.
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The macadamia nut originated in Australia and has a beautifully rich butter nut flavour. SHOTT, has strived to cultivate a delicious coffee syrup, that reflects the divine earthy sweetness of roasted Macadamia. Product Code:


The irresistible aroma of SHOTT cinnamon will make your mouth water. The earthy sweet, yet spicy flavour of our cinnamon goes great with hot or cold drinks, including a fantastic roasting glaze for vegetables! Product Code:


Imagine the sweet & nutty aromatic of SHOTT Hazelnut to your favourite drink! Product Code:


SHOTT Caramel has a classically sweet & buttery taste, that can turn any drink into something a little bit special. Product Code:

Salted Caramel

Rich buttery flavours of old fashioned caramel and sea salt. Add to coffee, hot chocolate and milkshakes to enjoy. Product Code:

Irish cream

SHOTT Irish Cream is a cheeky flavour that embodies the Emerald Isles’ famous Irish Coffee. This non-alcoholic full bodied flavour will put a jig in your step and add a thrill to your day. Product Code:

Chai Concentrate

Chai Vanilla notes

An exotic combination of spices to sweep you away on an Eastern romance. Experience the taste and aroma of an authentic chai latte. Those extracts of cinnamon, clove, and cardamom will sure bring a smile. Product Code:


Wild peppermint

Vamp up your drink with this delicious classic flavour. Warming and vibrant, SHOTT Wild Peppermint is a hot chocolate complement that brings life to your regular hot chocolate. Product Code:

Flamed orange

SHOTT Flamed Orange is a is a sweet citrusy orange flavour with a zingy bite. It perfectly complements not only your normal hot chocolate, but is also delicious in coffee. Try this product in your milkshake or on top of desserts too. Product Code:


Gingerbread has long been a flavour everybody loves. SHOTT now lets you enjoy this flavour all year round. Add SHOTT gingerbread to your coffee’s, hot chocolates or milkshakes. Product Code:

Fruit teaS

Blueberry and green tea

The super-fruit punch of tangy blueberries really smooth’s the sharpness from the green tea – leaving a fresh, lively taste that’s a real pick-me-up. Product Code:

Blackcurrant and honey

The world’s most intensely flavoured blackcurrants. Grown under the pure skies of New Zealand and bathed in dazzling sunlight, our blackcurrants ripple with aroma and other goodies. Then we saturate them in our own special blend of New Zealand honey to send the deliciousness through the roof.
Product Code:

Lemon, ginger and honey

The uncensored juice of our sourest lemons blended with just-crushed chunks of ginger and smothered with layers of aromatic New Zealand honey. Product Code:

Peach Iced Tea

Batch brewed black tea infused with sweet peach. Delicious both hot and cold. Try cocktails, smoothies, desserts and in the kitchen for baking and cooking.
Product Code:

Fruit range


The closest thing you’ll get to biting into a juicy, ripe mango. Just opening the bottle whisks you away to a tropical island. Take a taste vacation with mangos and discover a new world of flavour. Keep a bottle in the pantry to for sauces, marinades, smoothies and cocktails.
Product Code:


With its cheeky yellow polka-dot flesh, this little number just walks straight on up to your senses in its high heels and asks for a dance. Causes a stir wherever it goes: cocktails; fruit smoothies; desserts; and summer drinks. Product Code: 533553


Made as it should be with REAL pomegranates for that authentically delicious taste. Add to cocktails or simply enjoy diluted with water. Does not contain alcohol. Product Code: 533556


Handpicked New Zealand strawberries are blended together with pure cane sugar to create this vibrant and intense flavoured concentrate. Try with a splash of vodka, a squeeze of lime and top with ginger beer or pour over a chilled cheesecake. Keep close buy in the pantry for milkshakes, baking and sauces everyone will enjoy.

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Ripened in the sunshine and bottled once they’re bursting full of sweet, tangy flavour. SHOTT Raspberry makes a fantastic soda, ice cream topping, cocktail.
Product Code:

Cranberry & Lime

Authentic to the intensely tart flavour of cranberries blended with sweet lime. This combination is a long time favourite of many. Cranberry and Lime makes a beautifully refreshing beverage and a great companion in the kitchen. Try adding to balsamic vinegar for a tangy dip or freezing for ice blocks in summer.

Product Code:

Orange & lemongrass

What could be more refreshing than citrus with a hint of lemongrass? The sweet, orange taste of this delicious tea is nicely balanced with the fresh lemony taste of lemongrass – a light, sophisticated treat you can enjoy any time of day.
Product Code:

Tahitian lime

Sun drenched New Zealand limes picked and squeezed when their juiciest. This real fruit concentrate is authentically aromatic with the vibrant flavour and tartness of lime juice. Try mixed in your favourite cocktail or just with water on its own. Or get adventurous in the kitchen with Thai cooking, punchy lime tarts and sorbets. Keep a bottle close in the kitchen!
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SHOTT has lovingly developed a syrup that tastes exactly like a perfectly riped, sweet banana. How do we do it? By using the REAL ingredients! SHOTT Banana uses REAL banana and natural colours, flavours and sweeteners to create a deliciously authentic syrup. Its great in cold drinks and hot drinks and pairs beautifully with many others SHOTT flavours.
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SHOTT Coconut pays homage to the rich, sweet & refreshing natural coconut flavour that is loved by many. This delicious flavour will whisk you away to a tropical island in one sip.
Product Code:

Golden kiwifruit

The distinctive taste of SHOTT Gold Kiwifruit is a sweet and tropical flavour that is truly unique. Exquisite cold or hot, give this flavour a go. Product Code:

Three berry

The perfect blend of delicious boysenberries, raspberries and strawberries. Add to a smoothie or freeze with milk for real fruit ice pops over summer. Our blend of sweet berries makes this concentrate a secret weapon everyone should have on hand for sauces, marinades or baking cakes, muffins and slices. Product Code:

Gomme (Sugar syrup)

A 19th century prohibition staply, Gomme Syrup’s sweet taste and velvety texture balances flavours for a silky-smooth cocktail.
Product Code:

Sugar Cane

The bartenders best friend and a must in your bar at home! Made with caramelised cane sugar and artesian water from Petone Product Code: