More than coffee

The tea-drinking landscape is changing! Traditionally a nation of tea drinkers, tea remains a popular choice for many people across the UK. That said, there are new trends in what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to the teas which are most in-demand. Although consumption of black tea (the classic British choice, drunk hot with milk), remains high, many tea enthusiasts are now opting for specialty varieties, pairing them with the time of day, the food which is accompanying their drink and even perceived therapeutic benefits! That’s why we offer a selection of premium teas, which allow consumers to pick a tea that suits them.

Bellevue Tea - exceptional quality and choice

Our tea comes from the Bellevue Tea company – a well-established firm with more than thirty years of experience in sourcing the very best blended and single-leaf teas from across the globe. With an emphasis on quality and convenience, Bellevue Tea bags are widely enjoyed. With premium packaging and a great taste, these are teas that add appeal to any table. Our selection includes larger volumes of single tea varieties, as well as selection boxes which are ideal for hospitality, education or healthcare settings.

Herbal teas and specialty teas

No selection of teas would be complete without green tea and a number of fruit and herbal teas. Green tea’s fresh, light flavour makes it a widely enjoyed tea and a fresh alternative to black tea options such as Earl Grey or Lap Sang Su Chong. When it comes to decaffeinated teas, herbal and fruit fusions are a convenient and appetising choice. We stock berry, fruit and floral infusions which are caffeine-free and packed with flavour. Our tea is sold pre-bagged and presented in individual sachets, which are ideal for situations where a single-use tea bag is going to be most appropriate.
Miko Coffee and Tea

Tea - the perfect choice for a diverse setting

One of the major advantages of having a selection of teas readily available is the wide audience to which they appeal. Particularly in settings where people may be abstaining from caffeine for some reason, or feel the need for a soothing hot drink, tea is an excellent choice. In addition, tea taken without milk or sugar is virtually calorie-free as well as being big on taste – a winning combination! If you want to provide a thoughtful, appealing beverage option, a selection of different tea varieties and combinations is an absolute essential.