More than coffee

The presentation of a hot beverage is almost as important as its flavour. A little extra treat can go a very long way to making the right first impression. Whether you are stocking refreshment supplies in hotel rooms, or serving a treat as part of an order in your café or coffee shop, you will find a selection to choose in the Miko Coffee Catalogue.


A little extra crunch can change a quick stop at a coffee shop into a luxury experience. Serve tea, coffee, or hot chocolate with a little biscuit by the side. Biscuits also make fantastic additions to refreshment trays and baskets in hotel rooms. These small snacks are appreciated by guests for whom that first in-room beverage is more than just a speedy refreshment.


Sweeten any hot chocolate experience, by topping the drink with marshmallows. Mini pink and white marshmallows, bobbing along on the surface, bring luxury to a mug of hot chocolate. Add a couple of marshmallows to your hot chocolate drinks, or serve them at the side for your customers to add if they wish.


Individually wrapped chocolates, and after dinner mints, turn a drink into something to savour. At the end of a restaurant meal, or when they’re meeting with friends in your coffee shop, give customers a chocolatey treat.


Adorn a beverage of your choice with a plain or chocolate-coated wafer. These little decorative additions will stand nicely in a swirl of whipped cream, for picture-perfect presentation.

Selecting and ordering treats

You will find an extensive variety of treats within the Miko Coffee Catalogue. We don’t just stock coffee, but everything you need for your professional catering business. We also have snacks for boardroom meetings in office environments, and all that you need to bring smiles to the faces of guests at your hotel or B&B.