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Forget the tea run – coffee is slowly winning out when it comes to the number-one drink in workplaces, which makes excellent coffee more of an essential for the office than ever before. From the first one in the office to the last one out at night, it’s likely that any coffee machine you bring in will be required to work overtime from day one; which is a why a robust, high-quality system is a must to meet all that demand. Choosing Miko is one way to ensure that your coffee continues to be of the same excellent quality for weeks or months after purchase. Coffee culture isn’t only for your current employees, though; for important visitors, on-site meetings and more, great coffee can make all the difference to how your VIPs feel about your workplace. Who doesn’t enjoy a great cappuccino or that perfect latte? The type of coffee you use is just as important too, with more offices than ever buying into eco-friendly schemes. Fairtrade, and ethically sourced, coffee is more significant than ever. So, choosing a great-tasting, ethical and effective brand is a must. With Miko Coffee you can gain access to all of that and more.

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