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According to the British Coffee Association, around 95 million cups of coffee are consumed a day in the UK. That’s an awful lot of coffee, keeping coffee machines busy! There is no doubt as a nation that we have fallen in love with coffee (us included), but great coffee is more than just a drink, it’s an art. From choosing the right coffee machine to getting the perfect beans to roast, we’re here for every step of the coffee creation process.


Where do you need coffee?

We operate within many sectors and our coffee can be found in top hotels, busy cafes, michelin star restaurants, hairdressers, opticians, golf clubs, garden centres as well as at events and exhibition centres.

Choosing the right coffee machine

We supply coffee machines for a wide range of purposes. These include office coffee machines to keep your employees at top productivity, and capsule coffee machines for convenience in hospitality, catering and dining settings.
We’re also suppliers of commercial coffee machines, designed for your catering business.
Each machine has been designed to produce the perfect cup of coffee, time and time again.

Picking the perfect coffee

We carry four unique flavours catering to all tastes and sure to complement any business. Coffees that celebrate the past; focusing on tradition, heritage, more hands-on coffee that celebrates local values and people with less automation, to ones that look to our future; carbon balanced, fairly traded and conserving rainforest in the coffee producing countries that conceived it.

Not just coffee

We serve more than coffee. From the sumptuously smooth hot chocolate to the tea, sugar and powdered milk, we stock all that you need.


Our aim is to help your business run as efficiently and as smoothly as possible. Coffee can be a challenging trade to be in, and we understand that you need all the help you can get in order to stay one up on the competition and make it a fruitful business, which is why we have dedicated teams to support you in every aspect of your business from our product savvy Customer Service teams, to our Technical Service whizzes both in our workshops and in the field, to our Marketing team and Coffee Consultant barista masters who’ll have your coffee both cup perfect and picture perfect in a flash!

We remove hurdles and keep you running because we know the importance of each freshly made cup of coffee.

Stay tuned.

Check out all out latest news from us and the wider coffee world, along with some handy tips in our blogs to get you ahead of the completion.

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