Case Studies

Please take a read and see how we helped two very different customers; Leon Restaurants

and Chester Zoo



Unless you have visited a Leon restaurant and seen the bags displayed behind the counter you may not have known what coffee it is they serve. Puro coffee and LEON have been working hand in hand since their creation in 2004. Whilst the coffee has always been popular as a coffee to go, the lack of retail presence for the consumer to take home their coffee and make themselves had always been apparent, but had become further required during the covid pandemic when their client base was no longer able to get their favourite coffee.

LEON approached us in the middle of 2020 with the task to create a variety of blends that provided familiarity and ease of use of what was served in-store, along with a sleek design that maximised their brand presence on shelf, along with ensuring the partnership with Puro and the World Land Trust and the rainforest areas they have saved were visible, without looking unfamiliar to shoppers.

We delivered: new designs for two different coffee blends, that were versatile enough to allow them to be used in different concepts for on shelf in Sainsbury's, Subscription and in-store. Along with matching boxes that could be used sales retail products. The new of coffee foils, was also a first for Miko in bringing in an entire line that consumers will be able to recycle their empty coffee bags by returning them to larger Sainsbury’s stores, and using their plastic recycling boxes.

The creation of Leon's new coffees has also ensured that each coffee bag purchased will help save four squared meters of Tanzanian rainforest, protecting the Rondo bushbaby, one of the “most endangered primates” on earth. LEON’s restaurant customers will be also be supporting the cause, with one square meter of rainforest saved for every seven cups of coffee served, it added.


Chester Zoo

After an in-depth tendering process, Chester Zoo decided to bring Miko Coffee on as a strategic partner to introduce a whole new, hot beverage concept through out the site. Taking advantage of their know-how and capability to deliver a complete concept which included not only coffee, but equipment, technical service, barista training and marketing support

Having also heard the impactful story behind Puro Fairtrade Coffee and their unique partnership with the World Land Trust , to protect the rainforests and their habitats all around the world. The Zoo naturally decided to go with Puro Coffee to serve through out their outlets.

Procurement Manager, Laura Howley, showed Miko the customer experience at Chester Zoo in terms of the various beverage sites, allowing Miko to do a full site survey; checking services, equipment, drink consistency, menu options, as well as asses where they could benefit from further marketing support. By following this process it allowed Miko to prepare a full report on varying areas of demand and build a specific installation plan across the site.

This resulted in a very smooth installation of 45 machines across the zoo, with Miko providing a full installation team who were able to split the project across two days, ensuring minimal machines were out of service at any one time. In addition this also meant that the Chester Zoo catering teams were able to benefit from one to one training on the equipment from the very beginning and receive personalised maintenance manuals, as part of the ongoing technical service support to help reduce minor technical or cleaning call outs in the future.

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