Filter Coffee Machines

Filter coffee machines are among the most popular choice for hotels, restaurants, cafes and businesses that provide refreshments. Filter machines offer a quick coffee solution that tastes good for their clients, staff and guests.


Serve Filter Coffee to Your Customers

Our range of commercial filter coffee machines makes it easy for coffee shops and hospitality venues to brew and serve large batches of fresh coffee. Locations must have water connections. In addition, each machine has at least one thermal flask to keep coffee fresh during operating hours.

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Miko is a Coffee Solution Specialist

If you are looking for a safe and reliable coffee provider, Miko can help. No matter your business requirements, we have the knowledge and resources to help and advise.


We have a comprehensive range of hard-working coffee solutions loved by our customers and serviced by our technicians.


Partner with Miko to profile your new coffee. Join us on a tasting of Puro or range of speciality coffee from our coffee roastery.


Our service centre and coffee roasteries are also centres of excellence and have facilities to train your nect barista.


From a simple fix to a return to base service. With over 40 years of experience with espresso machines, you are in safe hands.


What Our Customers Say

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


We had the pleasure of working with Miko for over five years. Their knowledge and expertise have been a great help during the hotel's opening. Always professional and available to ensure that our guests and we are happy.



As a West Midlands Safari Park is heavily involved in conservation, it is of significant importance to us to find suppliers with the same values. This is why we have chosen to work with Miko and Puro Fairtrade Coffee for many years.

West Midlands Safari Park


We have been using Miko for over 17 years, a testament to the Miko product and service. The standards demanded from our members are very high,so the fact we continue using Miko coffee all this time speaks volumes.

St Georges Hill


We have switched to Puro Fairtrade Coffee in our shops and have yet to look back. We use the Dark Roast blend, and results are clearly seen, not only by coffee sales but by great comments from our customers.

Cornish Oven

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Why Choose a Filter Coffee Machine for your Business?

The beauty of a commercial filter coffee machine is that you can offer a bulk provision of coffee at peak in-demand times. They include breaks from a business meeting or conference refreshment areas. For hotels that host conferences, and businesses that have regular meetings, it is also the ideal solution. In addition to workplace breakout areas and meeting rooms, it is also a great option in a busy coffee shop that offers seasonal coffees to run alongside their house coffee from the stand coffee menu.

How does a filter coffee machine work?

The principles of how the machine works are similar, whether you have a small machine for home use or a more extensive commercial solution at work. The water is first heated and then dripped over the coffee grounds, which sit in a tray with filter paper. As the coffee becomes saturated, it extracts the coffee providing an appealing freshly brewed coffee smell. The coffee then drips into a flask which keeps the coffee hot and ready to serve for around eight hours.

Why Filter Coffee?

Filter coffee can offer superior quality to instant coffee with a fuller compared to instant. However, for clients paying for space or a cup of coffee, providing filter coffee is a given rather than an option in most environments.

Choosing Filter Coffee Machines

When choosing filter coffee machines for your business, your most significant consideration will be the number of cups of coffee required to produce an hour. All solutions Miko provides brew bulk coffee from 5 to 20 litres for high-volume hospitality use. In addition, our commercial coffee machines offer additional flexibility to brew part or half brews (for example, 5 litres of coffee in a 10-litre flask).

High Demand Use

Miko filter coffee machines all come with plumbing and installation included. In addition, a Brita commercial water filter is fitted that improves the quality of the coffee and, at the same time, reduces limescale, enhancing the reliability of your machine. With the Miko service plan, the Brita filter is changed when your machine is descaled.

For more details and to discover the best professional coffee machine for your business, please refer to our coffee machine finder.



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