SHOTT Syrups

SHOTT fruit syrups are premium products crafted from natural fruit extracts, free from artificial colors and flavors.

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Miko presents SHOTT syrups in an enticing array of fruit flavors like luscious strawberry, tangy raspberry, succulent peach, and beyond. Elevate your beverages, from cocktails and sodas to lemonades, smoothies, milkshakes, and teas, with the delectable richness and sweetness of SHOTT natalural syrups.


Imagine the sweet & nutty aromatic of SHOTT Hazelnut to your favourite drink.

Irish Cream

SHOTT Irish Cream is a bold flavour that embodies the Emerald Isles’ famous Irish Coffee.

Lemon, Ginger & Honey

Our sourest lemons are blended with just-crushed chunks of ginger and smothered with aromatic New Zealand honey.


The closest thing you'll get to biting into a juicy, ripe mango. Keep a bottle for sauces, marinades, smoothies and cocktails.


SHOTT Passiofruit causes a stir wherever it goes; cocktails, fruit smoothies, desserts and summer drinks.


Ripened in the sunshine and bottled once they're full of sweet, tangy flavour. SHOTT Raspberry makes a fantastic soda, ice cream topping, cocktail.


SHOTT Wild Mint uses wild mint to produce a syrup embodying the fresh mint leaves' sweet, refreshing flavour and invigorative menthol fragrance.


Full of fun and childhood memories, SHOTT Bubblegum has captured the nostalgic flavour profile everyone remembers.


Pumpkin juice blended with carefully chosen spices. For something different, add SHOTT Spiced Pumpkin to your coffee.


Handpicked New Zealand strawberries are blended together with pure cane sugar to create this vibrant and intense flavoured concentrate.

Taihitian Lime

Sun-drenched New Zealand limes are picked and squeezed when their juiciest. Try mixing in your favourite cocktail or just with water on its own.

Three Berry

A blend of delicious boysenberries, raspberries and strawberries. Add to a smoothie or freeze with milk for natural fruit ice pops over the summer.


SHOTT has lovingly developed a syrup that tastes exactly like a perfectly riped, sweet Banana.

Butter Scotch

With rich brown sugar and butter flavours, SHOTT Butterscotch is something to look forward to.

Chai (Vanilla Notes)

Experience the taste and aroma of an authentic chai latte. Those extracts of cinnamon, clove, and cardamom.


A deluxe blend of Swiss processed unsweetened chocolate and the finest Dutch cocoa powder.


The earthy sweet, yet spicy flavour of our Cinnamon goes great with hot or cold drinks.


SHOTT Coconut pays homage to the rich, sweet & refreshing natural coconut flavour. This delicious flavour will whisk you away to a tropical island.

FLamed Orange

Flamed Orange is a sweet citrusy orange flavour with a zingy bite. It perfectly complements not only your normal hot chocolate, but is also delicious in coffee.

Ginger Bread

Add SHOTT gingerbread to your coffees, hot chocolates or milkshakes.

Peach & BLack Tea

Batch brewed black tea infused with sweet peach. Delicious both hot and cold. Try in cocktails, smoothies and desserts.


Rich, nutty and delicious. Add to your coffee or cocktail for a decadent taste.


SHOTT Caramel has a classically sweet & buttery taste, that can turn any drink into something a little bit special.

White Chocolate

Rich and silky, SHOTT White Chocolate syrup adds distinctive sweetness and depth to almost anything.

Wild Peppermint

Warming and vibrant, SHOTT Wild Peppermint is a hot chocolate complement that brings life to your regular hot chocolate.

Milkshake Frappe Base

Add a spoonful of Milkshake & Frappe Base with a pump of your favourite SHOTT flavour, 100g of ice and 100 ml of a mixer to create stunning beverages.


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