Social Initiatives

With a focus on being sustainable coffee suppliers, the social initiatives that Puro is involved with are significant to both them and the communities which they help. Several global projects aren’t just focused on producing coffee but also on helping protect the environment.


Tree 4 Schools

Trees 4 Schools is an initiative that was introduced in South Africa. By planting trees on the grounds of schools, they grow to provide shade and green space for the students.

The objective, in addition to giving back to the environment, is to increase the bond between children and nature. To date, over 2,500 trees have been planted.

Orangutans of Borneo

The Orangutans of Borneo

Unfortunately, producing products containing palm oil has led to many trees being cut down and habitats being destroyed. So Puro, in partnership with the World Land Trust, has bought and protected rainforest areas in Malaysia.

Here they can offer a sanctuary to the Orangutans that live there. In addition to protecting what is already there, they are also planting new palm trees.


Coffee Growers in Congo

Helping people to help themselves is what Coffee Growers in the Congo aims to do. This project began in 2009, with CDI Bwamanda, by offering support to 50,000 coffee growers in one of the world’s poorest countries.

So far, the project has funded two coffee processing machines, 25 coffee carts, which are used to transport coffee beans, and 10 hectares of coffee plants.

As a result, these plants are more resistant to disease. In addition, it has helped to buy essential tools to help the coffee farmers grow sustainable coffee and help themselves.

All of these projects help protect the environment and help communities build a more balanced future.

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