Freehand Coffee

Welcome to Freehand, our speciality range of coffee which is roasted to order in our small batch coffee roaster.

SmalL batch speciality coffee

Let Freehand Coffee Help You Stand Out

Our Master Roaster carefully sources the finest beans from small coffee producers around the globe.

As a result, the unrivaled quality and freshness of Freehand coffee is the ideal coffee brand to partner with coffee shops, hoteliers and hospitality venues that are serious about quality with a desire to set themselves apart from the competition. Paired with your perfect coffee machine, transform your business.

The Process

What Makes Us Different

Freehand Coffee is prepared using the most traditional coffee roasting method. In small batches, our roaster applies heat using a combination of hot air and conductive heat from the roaster's drum to the coffee. This process triggers the chemical reactions that cause beans to change colour, giving them a mid to dark-brown colour.

With quality checks and stringent quality controls that include cupping (tasting), each order is passed for packing and shipping only when we are satisfied. If you would like to understand more about Freehand or organise a coffee tasting, please complete the form at the foot of this page.

Our Range of Delicious Freehand Coffee

Freehand coffee is a celebration of its origins, not just the brand itself. We are sure everyone can celebrate with us with beautiful artwork that brings messages, secrets and riddles from the hearts of the countries where the coffee is grown.


Boasting notes of – A darker roast profile brings out a more nutty, cocoa and a light pear like sweetness

  • ORIGINSBrazil & Nicaragua
  • PROCESSNatural and washed
  • COFFEE TYPE100% Arabica
  • BODYFull
  • ROASTMedium

Sweet fruity acidity, with a beautiful honey sweetness that finishes with a nutty chocolate caramel bite

  • ORIGINSBrazil & Peru
  • PROCESSNatural and washed
  • COFFEE TYPE100% Arabica
  • BODYMedium
  • ROASTMedium

A single origin speciality coffee from Peru. A medium/light roast with cocoa and stone fruit like sweetness

  • PROCESSWashed
  • COFFEE TYPE100% Arabica
  • BODYMedium to Full
  • ROASTMedium


Coffee Tasting

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