Barista Training Course

Delivering great coffee to your customers is as much about presentation as flavour and quality. That is why we can ensure that every Barista leaves Miko equipped with the best training.


Course Details

The qualification centres on coffee and, in particular, espresso. However, it also incorporates filter coffee, tea, chocolate, juices and smoothies. Four areas of learning are covered:

  • Background to the raw materials
  • Producing a range of speciality drinks
  • How to operate, care for and maintain the equipment
  • Looking after customers

The barista training course consists of a minimum of 20 hours of class time and practice in the workplace before practical and written assessments. The training course lasts for three days.

Accredited Trainers: Lorna McCandlish, Michael Camiller and Clare Dougal


Setting Up for Success

Ensuring every Barista has the right equipment and tools to perform their duties means they can deliver a great range of premium drinks with confidence and enthusiasm.

At Miko we can supply all the equipment required for a professional hospitality environment.

This includes all the necessary tools, including jugs, tampers and scales, spatulas, whisks and even espresso shot glasses, and a carefully chosen selection of how-to books to help the Barista keep their skills up to date.

Why Take A Barista Training Course

Making coffee is a creative process that requires refined skills. Taking our course will equip you with the tools you need to consistently make excellent drinks. With the right knowledge, you can keep your customers coming back for more. Our barista training course will teach you how to maintain exceptional levels of service. Learn how to provide an experience your customers will remember.


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