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With customers needs in mind Miko has a range of organic coffee, drinks and consumables. Explore our range to find products fit for your business.

Our Coffee Brands

Choosing the proper coffee for your business often reflects on values and customer feedback. We have a portfolio of organic coffee brands that support the World Land Trust and rainforest conservation to small-batch coffee, hand roasted to order.


Complete Range of Consumables

One of the significant advantages of the ancillary products we stock at Miko is not simply just about the organic coffee. We provide a comprehensive range of drinks, syrups, consumables and, of course, the products you need to keep your coffee machine clean.

We believe in products designed to add a personal touch to the coffee-making process, whether you’re selling our coffee over-the-counter at a theme park or zoo, offering it in a café or restaurant, or simply having it available in a college or university campus canteen.

Complete the form below and receive our full brochure featuring SCHOTT natural fruit syrups from New Zealand. From coffee to cocktails, using SCHOTT is easy to work with and full of flavour.

Our silky smooth hot chocolate range is a creation to be savoured, whether you are serving or want to add to a range of drinks from your automatic coffee machine.

Full Range of Drinks and Accessories

Running a busy hospitality business can be stressful at the best of times. But, with Miko, you are always on top of your coffee game and tap into a supply of other drinks and consumables with the same order and delivery.






Coffee, Your Way

Unveil a world of flavor with our SHOTT syrups! Elevate your cofee and drinks menu to thrilling new heights with these tantalizing additions!



Benefits of Organic Coffee

Miko’s choice to sell organic coffee supports small-scale farmers and their communities. Fairtrade practices ensure that farmers are paid fairly for their work. Additionally, organic coffee farming promotes biodiversity, reduces water pollution, and protects wildlife habitats.

The benefits don’t stop there; organic coffee is considered to be healthier and safer to consume. It is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals. The result is high-quality coffee without harm to human health.

It is also highly recommended for its better taste. The lack of chemical additives can result in a cleaner, more distinct taste. The beans are typically grown at higher elevations, which results in slower growth and more concentrated flavour. Coffee lovers will enjoy the full-bodied taste organic coffee offers.

Our coffee farm is the root of our coffee journey. We aim to sell high-quality coffee without skipping ethical practices. The benefits to the environment and the hard-working farmers are what drives us at Miko. Bringing organic coffee to businesses helps spread this positive message, whilst also offering a unique and flavorful experience.


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