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Our Puro coffee journey starts in coffee-producing countries, where we work hand in hand with farmers on conservation.

Puro Coffee in Numbers

Whilst we want Puro coffee to continue warming hearts, we don’t want it to contribute to warming the planet.

So here are our sustainability numbers from 2020.




What matters to Puro

Puro's Commitments

At Puro, we are committed to demonstrating how effective coffee can be as a conservation tool.

It is all about finding the right balance and avoiding the pitfalls of modern farming: deforestation, wildlife displacement, chemical pesticides and fertilisers, and soil and water pollution erosion.

We seek to fund farms which work with nature rather than against it.


Farming In Hand with Nature

The Finca de Puro Café in Honduras is a co-creation seeks to further harmonise Fairtrade Organic coffee farming with nature through the following:

  • Using native trees to provide shade through reforestation
  • Encouraging the return/re-introduction of native birds and wildflower species
  • Integrating native bee species and beehives
  • Returning composted coffee cherry pulp as organic fertiliser

  • Tackling the Impact of Modern Farming

    This 5-acre coffee farm in the Puro Rainforest Reserve in Honduras is named the Cinnamon Colibri Reserve. It is situated on a site which has been deforested for cattle farming. We aim to demonstrate how this can now be used as a source of good – a coffee farm that gives back to nature.

    Many of the Puro reserves are in previously deforested areas. Areas like this were typically used for cattle farming, others for growing maise and corn. The land is in the process of being reforested with coffee and avocado trees. Our farmers use the profit from the sale of goods to support further conservation projects locally.

    Local Farming Projects

    The COCREBISTOL (Cooperativa Cafetalera Biological Reserves Santa Teresa, Ocotepeque Ltda) was formed to tackle the problem of coffee wastewater polluting rivers. The cleaning of this coffee wastewater on-site means that they have significantly reduced the pollution of local waters and produced a nutrient-rich coffee waste eater that can irrigate the local land.

    Just another reason why choosing Puro is helping to save the planet one cup of coffee at a time.

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