Automatic Coffee Machines

A commercial bean-to-cup is a turnkey solution to offer coffee shop-quality drinks without the need of a barista.


Barista Quality with Customisable Drinks Menus

Our choice of fully automatic, bean-to-cup machines produce a whole range of speciality coffees without the need for a berista. Easy to use, perfect for busy catering environments and areas where you want to offer a self serve drink service.

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Rex Royal S2
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Bravilor Esprecious 11
CoffeTek vitro s1 espresso
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CoffeTek Vitro X3 Duo
CoffeTek Vitro X4

Miko is a Coffee Solution Specialist

If you are looking for a safe and reliable coffee provider, Miko can help. No matter your business requirements, we have the knowledge and resources to help and advise.


We have a comprehensive range of hard-working coffee solutions loved by our customers and serviced by our technicians.


Partner with Miko to profile your new coffee. Join us on a tasting of Puro or range of speciality coffee from our coffee roastery.


Our service centre and coffee roasteries are also centres of excellence and have facilities to train your nect barista.


From a simple fix to a return to base service. With over 40 years of experience with espresso machines, you are in safe hands.


What Our Customers Say

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


We had the pleasure of working with Miko for over five years. Their knowledge and expertise have been a great help during the hotel's opening. Always professional and available to ensure that our guests and we are happy.



As a West Midlands Safari Park is heavily involved in conservation, it is of significant importance to us to find suppliers with the same values. This is why we have chosen to work with Miko and Puro Fairtrade Coffee for many years.

West Midlands Safari Park


We have been using Miko for over 17 years, a testament to the Miko product and service. The standards demanded from our members are very high,so the fact we continue using Miko coffee all this time speaks volumes.

St Georges Hill


We have switched to Puro Fairtrade Coffee in our shops and have yet to look back. We use the Dark Roast blend, and results are clearly seen, not only by coffee sales but by great comments from our customers.

Cornish Oven

Select Your New Coffee Solution by Category

With over 40 years of experience, Miko was one of the UK's first service providers to introduce professional espresso machines. Since then, we have tried and tested most of what the market offers. Today, we only work in partnership with manufacturers with proven reliability and the technology to produce an excellent cup of coffee.


What is a Bean-to-Cup Machine?

A commercial bean-to-cup coffee machine is a popular choice for many businesses, including modern coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and bars, that need a high and consistent standard of coffee shop-style drinks without employing a barista. Commercial bean-to-cup machines take care of the process of producing fresh, delicious coffee from your coffee bean of choice:

  1. You fill the bean hopper
  2. Select the drink from the touchscreen menu
  3. The beans are ground, tamped and brewed like a barista would using a traditional espresso machine
  4. Combine with a fridge for use with fresh milk or an additional hopper inside the machine; a commercial bean-to-cup machine will easily make milky drinks

Benefits of a Commercial Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

There are many benefits to choosing a bean-to-cup machine for your business from Miko:

  • Simple to use and operate
  • Automatic cleaning process
  • Great coffee that is consistent in quality
  • Range of machines from 50-90 cups per hour
  • The regular supply of coffee direct from our roastery
  • Free installation and Full technical support from the Miko team

  • Fresh Milk or Granulated Milk

    At Miko, we offer two types of bean-to-cup machines. First, suppose you have a self-serve location or need the support staff to maintain the machine and clean it thoroughly, especially at the end of each work day. In that case, a machine that uses granulated milk (like the Coffetek Vitro S1) may be your best option. Granulated milk is 100% skimmed freeze-dried dairy milk, providing a good cup of frothy milk to all your drink options. However, if you do the level of support to manage the machine fill, a machine that uses fresh milk (like the Rex Royal S2) will provide a more authentic coffee taste and quality.

    Choosing the Best Bean-to-Cup Machine

    The type of commercial automatic coffee machine you choose will depend on several factors. For example, how many people do you expect it to serve each hour? Do you need multiple coffee machines if the volumes are high?

    Coffee tasting and your coffee

    Whether you are considering an eco-friendly coffee like Puro or more of a speciality coffee-driven coffee menu from Freehand, a coffee tasting is essential. It will help us understand more about the coffee style your looking to achieve. We can also make recommendations on trends that may boost revenue. Once we get a handle on this, we dial in your coffee origin (or blend) to the machine to create the perfect espresso.

    Getting Support and Service Right

    When customers demand great coffee, any downtime in your coffee-making is essential, so choosing a partner to work alongside you becomes crucial. Miko work alongside leading manufacturers in showcasing the proven equipment that not only showcases and makes the best cup of coffee but is also proven to be most reliable over the long term when combined with regular service and filter change.

    Setting up your new machine

    Each of our Miko automatic coffee machines includes plumbing and installation (subject to a few checks about services at the location). In addition, we fit a Brita commercial water filter to protect your new asset whilst improving the quality of the coffee and reducing limescale.

    Which solution is right for your business? Use our machine finder now.



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