Drink Trends to Look Forward to this Summer


Miko Team


May 13, 2024


As temperatures rise and sunny days become the norm – what’s hot in the world of refreshing summer beverages? From indulgent treats to wellness-focused concoctions, here’s a roundup of the top drink trends we predict will be making an impact this summer.

Eye-Catching Iced Classics

With #IcedCoffee having over 10.5 billion views on TikTok, the global obsession with iced coffee shows no sign of wavering in 2024. From classic cold brews to creamy frappés, we’ll see businesses seeing success on social media through crafting innovative flavours and Instagram-worthy presentations.

Coffee-based frappés remain the 2nd most popular iced coffee shop beverage, so keep an eye out for creative and unique infusions with seasonal ingredients like coconut, peaches, or blackberries.

Here at Miko we offer a wide range of Fairtrade Coffee perfect for creating adventurous and refreshing twists on the morning pick-me-up.

Iced coffee next to a sunflower

Refreshing Summer Fruit

This should come as no surprise – but nothing says summer quite like the fresh taste of ripe, juicy fruits. Coffee shops have caught onto this shift, and are finding success by pivoting towards more refreshing alternatives as summer arrives. We expect this market trend to continue into 2024, with establishments likely to double down on fruit-focused offerings.

Expect to see an array of refreshing options, ranging from classic lemonades and revitalising iced teas, to innovative fruit-infused iced lattes. These drinks will see success alongside alcohol-free mocktails such as zesty citrus spritzers and mock mojitos bursting with mint and lime.

Wellness & Health

In 2024, wellness will take centre stage even when it comes to summer beverages. Matcha lattes remain a staple, and we’re seeing ever more consumers ditching dairy and embracing alternatives – with a whopping 29% of consumers now regularly choosing dairy-free milk in their iced drinks.

Even beyond coffee, health-conscious consumers are embracing beverage trends that nourish the body and mind. Think immunity-boosting elixirs, cold-pressed juices, or gut-friendly kombuchas.

Close up cup of matcha latte

Indulgent Treats

Summer wouldn’t be complete without the timeless pleasure of ice cream, and lately, we’re witnessing a resurgence of indulgent cooled beverages like the milkshake or ice cream float. With modern twists to this indulgent all-American classic, retro and classic floats have long been favourites on menus, and now there’s a new wave of creativity sweeping the scene. Alongside the traditional Coke floats, root beers, and cherry sodas, we’re now encountering inventive combinations featuring unexpected flavours and syrups. Picture Tahitian lime paired with ginger ice cream, or perhaps a fusion of vanilla and coconut with a splash of mango syrup.

Miko offers a premium selection of SHOTT Syrups, boasting 25 distinct flavours that allow you to tailor endless drink options.

Texture and Feel

When it comes to exciting new drinks, texture will be the name of the game in 2024. Beyond the classic iced frappes, drink creators are pushing the boundaries and are getting creative with the way drinks look and feel. From chewy boba pearls to slushy concoctions reminiscent of childhood favourites, these textured creations offer diversity and a playful twist to a drinks lineup.

Nowhere is this emphasis on texture more apparent than in the world of cocktails. There’s a rising interest in beverages like the velvety smooth frozen daiquiri or boozy bubble tea topped with tapioca pearls. 

We hope you’ve found this look into summer drink trends insightful, and if you’d like to get your hands on our syrups or coffee, please visit our website or get in touch with a member of our friendly team.


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