The Best Coffee Accompaniments


Miko Team


March 4, 2024


There is nothing better than enjoying a coffee with the typical accompaniments or a sweet or savoury treat. This blog explores the best coffee accompaniments that you should try to take your coffee experience to the next level. We recommend pairing your accompaniments with Miko’s Puro Coffee collection for the best experience. 

1. Biscuits

Who doesn’t enjoy a biscuit with their cup of tea or coffee? We can all agree they make a perfect pairing and the choice is endless, meaning they suit everyone. Miko supplies biscuits as well as other coffee supplies, making ordering biscuits even easier as they come as part of your coffee order. 

2. Sugar

Sugar is an especially important coffee accompaniment as it could be argued to be one of the most common pairings. Whether you prefer white or brown sugar, Miko can supply sugar along with your other coffee products, making it easier to buy all your supplies in one place and receive fewer different deliveries.

3. Almond Croissant 

Another strong contender as part of the best coffee accompaniments is the almond croissant. This is perfect for those who enjoy a sweet almond flavour with a buttery and flaky croissant. You will most likely find these in the majority of cafes and bakeries, so next time you want to satisfy your sweet and savoury cravings alongside your favourite coffee, make sure to choose the almond croissant. 

4. Coffee and Walnut Cake 

Switching it up slightly, as the coffee is within the cake on this suggestion and the drink accompaniment is a hazelnut hot chocolate. Using Miko’s hot chocolate and range of syrups, you can enjoy a delicious hot chocolate paired with a coffee and walnut cake. This is any coffee lover’s dream and surely one of the best coffee accompaniments. 

5. Cups 

Not an edible coffee accompaniment, but a very important coffee pairing nonetheless. You cannot have coffee without the right coffee mugs or portable cups and if you are a catering company or work in hospitality, you will know how many cups you get through. Make your life easier and order all your cups from Miko as part of your coffee supplies order to unify orders and deliveries. 

6. Syrups 

Syrups added to your coffee can be a non-food accompaniment, allowing you to switch up your usual coffee flavour. Explore Miko’s range of SHOTT Syrups that include hazelnut, spiced pumpkin, butterscotch, white chocolate, gingerbread and many more. Level up your usual coffee flavour today!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the best coffee accompaniments and you now feel inspired to try something new. If you have any questions about Miko’s products, please get in touch today. 


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